I am an artist who combines a solid background
in graphic design and illustration with excellent
conceptual skills, resulting in distinctive pro-
ficiency in both print and non-traditional media.
I have a proven ability to effectively analyze and
communicate creative strategy with clients.
Having over 15 years of experience as a graphic
designer, Iíve serviced major accounts such as
IBM, American Express, Windows Magazine and
Master Card to name a few.
Intrigued with the limitless potential of new
technology, I shifted from traditional print
mediato devote my energies to interactive
design. Accomplishments include the CIO Web
Business 50/50 Award and The International
Web Page Award for designing the Minnesota
Landscape Arboretum and Parade of Homes
websites. I was also awarded the London
International Advertising Award - E- Commerce
Category for Lids.com.
You are welcome to view my book and resume
or just simply email me for more information.